phase 00  •  「the prototype」  •  21 august 2005


phase 01  •  「the challenge」  •  06 september 2005


phase 02  •  「synaesthesia everywhere」  •  11 october 2005


phase EX  •  「the end」  •  11 october 2005 - 31 december 2005

from the outgoing festival coordinator

al|together 2005 has now run its course. Over the period of 30 days, multiple small teams of translators worked in time-limited production processes to finish off their localizations of free doujin visual novels -- and we present the fruits of their labors here today. Every single work presented brings something new to the table -- and every single translation team brings its own flavor to the localizations that they present. I am proud of every one of you -- and you should be proud of yourselves.

Where do we go from here? Let's get the first thing out of the way -- there will be an al|together 2006. I am stepping down as festival coordinator, but let this be my formal nomination for Peter Jolly to fill that position for next year. He has indicated to me that he will accept; I stand ready to offer whatever assistance he might want. Remember these hectic days; remember how your fingers worked at your keyboards as you strove desperately to get your entries in before the release deadline came crashing down upon you; and rise up next year to outdo the feats that you have proven yourselves capable of this year. I will be looking for all of you out there. And I will be in the thick of the charge.

We now turn this festival over to its final, extended phase. If you are a translator out there who wishes to try his hand at translating one of these free doujin visual novels "for fun" without the restriction of a time limit (well, other than the fact that it has to be done by sometime in 2005), now's your chance. If you are a translator who found his original assignment in al|together 2005 to be way too long to finish in a sane amount of time, here's your chance to finish it and have it presented. If you are someone who just wants to get a translation team together and give it a shot, that would be welcome as well. Remember: this is our community. We must constantly work to make it one that we are proud of.

Won't you work together with me?

11 October 2005
Seung Park
Outgoing festival coordinator, al|together 2005