Scrubbing is a bit of an oddity in the freeware novel game development community. The vast majority of creators in this scene utilize scripting engines like NScripter, KrKr2/KAG3, or Yuuki!Novel as platforms for their stories. Scrubbing, on the other hand, favors Adobe Flash, so much so that after their maiden work, 「星のない空の下で」 (which runs in RPG Maker XP), all their pieces have been released in Flash alone.

「ごがつのそら。」, the piece that Irene Ying and I present today as May Sky, is kind of an anomaly in that sense; it is the only recent piece that Scrubbing has done in which the installable — rather than the Flash — version is considered definitive, and on top of that the scripting engine that the installable version uses happens to be NScripter — a far cry from the world of Flash indeed. It is certainly their longest piece, clocking in at 2-4 hours' read time. It is also considered by many to be their best piece, and has gone on to win a "recommended" rating from NaGIsa, an independent reviewer of freeware novel games.

At the time of this writing, Scrubbing consists of two individuals: deba—, who leads the group and handles scripting and scenario writing, and JAMUru?, who takes care of the art. Their most recent works include 「雲のない雨空の下で」 (a dead-tree book sequel to 「星のない空の下で」) and 「ほしのの。」 (their latest Flash novel game, a quasi-sequel to May Sky).

1 December 2008
Seung Park
Festival Coordinator, al|together 2008