BEKKO.NET is a now defunct freeware novel game production unit that has exactly one piece to its credit: LEAVEs. It consisted of three team members: INUGAMI, the leader and lead scenario writer; Hiitogai, the programmer, quality assurance lead, and scenario advisor; and finally Mitsuba, the artist. After the release of their maiden (and only) work on 9 September 2005, they went quiescent; people who visit today will only find a squatter domain.

According to the creators' comments in LEAVEs, the team members of BEKKO.NET did not have a second project in mind; it seems that they came together to produce this one piece, and that was all she wrote for the group. In many ways this is a shame; I for one would have loved to see what this group could do with a bit more time and a bit (or a lot) less hype. In any case, after the decidedly lukewarm reception LEAVEs garnered from the freeware novel game creation community, it is unlikely that we will ever see this group surface again.

2 December 2008
Seung Park
Festival Coordinator, al|together 2008