Persian Blue

Persian Blue is a small, now quiescent group that has exactly one piece to its name: 「願えばきっと…」, the piece that Chris St. Louis has translated as From the Bottom of the Heart for his contribution to al|together 2008. The group consisted of two individuals: Se-Ro, who handled scenario writing and scripting, and D-Rabbit, who handled art and character design. Currently, Persian Blue's website is defunct, and it is extremely difficult to contact its members by e-mail or by any other modality.

Persian Blue's first and only work was released without fanfare or hype (as is the case with most freeware visual novel productions) on 16 October 2006. After release, it was reviewed and featured occasionally on a handful of freeware game-oriented websites, including freem and sunny girl. Most existing user reviews speak highly of its art, user interface design, and writing, while lamenting its short duration. While the readme of this piece does make reference to future pieces, no such thing materialized ― and to the best of my knowledge, this group has shuttered its doors.

27 November 2008
Seung Park
Festival Coordinator, al|together 2008